Taking Aim with Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone
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The Hidden HIstory of Zionism
  • Uncompromising, fact intensive exposés of the hidden workings of a capitalist system addicted to permanent war.

  • Startling revelations that lay bare the operational plans of every U.S. administration since the 1950's to seize military control of the oil resources of Central Asia and the Middle East. The longstanding plans to fragment Iraq are detailed together with U.S. authorship of the repressive regimes of the region and U.S. deployment of weapons of mass destruction ­ from biological agents to the tactical nuclear weapon of depleted uranium.

  • Methodical examination of the false category of terror as an ideological rationale for wars of unlimited destruction, wars waged against the rights and social gains of working people everywhere under the cover of false-flag terror operations such as the events of 9/11 authored by U.S. rulers and their intelligence agencies.

  • Taking Aim is an integral part of the fight-back of working people and the oppressed that is central to the survival of civilization. Once you hear Taking Aim, you will not miss a show, but if you do... Taking Aim programs are archived on this Internet site, where they can be listened to online or downloaded in mp3 format to your computer.

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